We are a strong and competent partner for courses in the fields of safety, technical and medical rescue training. Our training courses are carried out in compliance with guidelines and the requirements of the internationally recognised standards of the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) and the corresponding relevant national guidelines of the DGUV.


Our aim is to develop and implement for our customers top-quality, customised and requirement-oriented solutions for internal basic and further training.


With us you are certified with certainty!



A modern centre for education and research with many training options

Climbing Tower

Climbing Tower

  • Steel Segment of a Wind Energy Installation
  • 19 m Tower height and abseiling height
  • Different ladders for different platform systems
Training Center

Training Center

GWA Trainingscenter
Freefall Rescue Boat

Freefall Rescue Boat

  • 11 m freefall height
  • Different lifeboats
Wind Energy Installation Training Simulator

Wind Energy Installation Training Simulator

Various safety scenarios can be practised on the training simulator, climbing protection PSAgA, GWO Working at Heights, different scenarios for rescue from confined spaces and various medical rescue training courses.

Control Container for Electrical Components

Control Container for Electrical Components

For courses to qualify for or confirm qualification for switching authorisation on wind energy installations.

  • Switchgear, air-insulated
  • Switchgear, gas-insulated
  • Transformer
Training classroom

Training classroom

Training and Conference Room

Training and Conference Room

Our training centre in winter

Our training centre in winter

Traininscenter im Winter

Fire simulation system

Fire simulation system

  • 2 fire rooms with 4 mock fire scenarios (cooker, bunk on sailing boat, staircase, flange)
  • Flashover simulation
  • Incl. spread of smoke throughout the entire installation


Qualified, competent employees are a decisive factor in the success of a company.


Safety Training

Skilled employees who work on- or offshore often find themselves in high-risk areas carrying out servicing and maintenance work at great heights or in confined spaces such as wind energy turbines or when building wind energy installations. 

With practical exercises in realistic scenarios that can actually occur on wind energy installations, platforms, at sea and/or in other dangerous workplaces, participants are trained to be aware of potential sources of danger. We help them to build up their self-confidence in handling such hazards, show them alternative courses of action and thus how to proactively prevent dangerous situations.

Technical Training

Skilled employees working in and on wind energy installations, platforms, ships, etc. on- and offshore, need different technical qualifications / training.

We conduct standardised and officially recognised training courses in electrical engineering and mechanics, e.g. Switching authorisation up to 52 kV, Persons trained in Electrical Engineering (EuP), Skilled Electrician for Specified Tasks (EffT), Annual Training (EuP, EffT, EFK) and Screwing Technology.

All training courses are designed according to the relevant guidelines of the DGUV, DIN VDE etc. In addition, the expertise of our training instructors is based on their many years of experience in their subject and their on- and offshore work.

Medical Rescue Training

Skilled employees with workplaces on- and offshore are often confronted with situations which demand extensive medical knowledge. In co-operation with the Offshore Department of the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V., our medical rescue courses are conducted direct by these specialists and include a wide range of practical exercises. 

The courses include First Aid in the Workplace, First Aider Offshore in accordance with DGUV guidelines, and other courses e.g. Psychosocial Emergency Care in the Workplace, on Platforms, Ships etc or standardised reanimation courses according to the guidelines of the American Heart Association (AHA).


The quality of our performance is regularly verified by external inspectors and our academy and the courses we offer are submitted to various certification procedures.


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